zaterdag 31 oktober 2015

God make me a wife day 14: Hospitality Lunch + Showing who you really are

What if I tell you that God wants to see your real face?

Hello Ladies,

I completely forgot to put this blog post online! So sorry!
This is the last blog post and I was wondering if you liked this marathon.

I already placed some photo's from the Hospitality lunch on the FB page  and I absolutely enjoyed it. It was great to have a bunch women together and just to have casual and Godly talk.
For this last session I would like to share something that I shared with the ladies for the lunch at CuraƧao!

James 3:12 My brothers and sisters, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water. 

God doesn’t want you to be a fig tree were olives grow on. He wants you to be what you need to be, He doesn’t want you to portray yourself as someone that you are not.
Be the fig tree with figs or the grapevine with grapes.
Be the entrepreneur that you need to be.
Be the mom that your kids need.
Be the wife that your husband need.
Be the friend that the people around you need.
Be that hardworking woman on the work floor.
Be that woman that is called to do God’s work in whatever way that may be.

James is talking about a spring of flowing water, something that has movement. But he is also talking about an fig tree and grapevine, these are things that grow, blossom and bear fruit. He was not talking about a chair that thought he was a table. James knew that God sees us as fruit bearers. He knew that we have the capacity to blossom and that is how God wants to see us.
Not only wants God us to blossom, He also wants us to be who we are. That we don’t have to hide behind a mask or playing that everything is okay. He is the one who made us and He knows very well how we are stitched together. He knew us even before we were made in the womb. He already had a plan for your life before you were born. You are now on this day exactly were God wants you to be. You are here with a goal and it really wasn’t the plan for you to be alive 150 years ago.

You are you and in His eyes you are completely perfect. You can stand in the gifts and talents that He gave to you. You are an amazing beautiful woman and you are fully worthy. Nothing may ever come between you and these beautiful thoughts, but there is very big chance that you are the one who is holding you back. Thinking that you are not worthy, that you are lazy, that you will never find an husband, but God has a different opinion about that, He thinks that you are amazing and wants you to think that as well! Stop wearing a mask for God and the people around you.

Sometimes it’s easier to put on a mask and live/suffer your day-to-day life. Everything is done on auto pilot and why thinking about certain things and dealing with them when it is so much easier to act like that there is nothing going on. Maybe you are suffering from pain from the past. Something that happened a long time ago but it still hurts so now and then. So wearing a mask and using your auto pilot are the easiest and quickest pain killers. But pain produces pain and when you are acting out of hurt you are not acting out of your giving strength.

You are not living on full speed if you are a fig tree that is acting like a olive tree. God made you whole when He sent Jesus to earth. That is where you should act out of, knowing that God has made you whole and that you can be you. The fig tree that produces figs, the grapevine that produces grapes.

Thank you ladies!

Be blessed,

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