zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

God make me a wife day 13: Take care of yourself

Hey Ladies,

I made a small mistake in the calendar! Day 14 is the day to finish the marathon, the closure is with a big bang - lunch and clothing/beauty products trade party. Are you organizing one or are you attending one?

I would love to share you some of my ideas about taking care of yourself.
Life can be so busy at times and we can completely forget about ourselves very quickly, but we need to take of ourselves because no else is going to do it for us. You are worthy of all the care you are giving yourself (or supposed to give yourself!)

Eat regular meals
It might be a bit easier to have regular meals if you are having kids, they need to eat so why not eat with them? Or have dinner with hubby when the kids are in bed. When you are single it might be taking a bit more effort to have your meals on a regular base. Never skip your breakfast because it is the kick start of your day - and God needs you today! Never skip lunch because you need it to carry on for the remainder of the day - yes God needs you in the afternoon as well. Never skip dinner because you love food - God wants you to enjoy your meals!
Having a regular eating pattern (as far as possible, if your job allows you to) is very important. You will feel more balanced if you eat regular - minus the candy and crisps etc - because your blood sugar level will stay more stable. Find a pattern that will work for you.
Sometimes I create a planning for what I am going to eat, this helps me to eat. There are days I go without food, simply because I don't have time with my job. I rush to work on a empty stomach and leave work with a empty stomach - maybe only having some chocolate and a bottle of water. I have to sit myself down and force myself to eat something, especially on the days I am not working.
You need yourself, so take good of yourself! Gave you this body to take care of, not to waste it.

Me time
We already spoke about this but just as a reminder, you deserve me time. You deserve having little beauty moments here and there. It will make you think better thoughts of yourself which will help you to feel better about yourself. Find space in your busy schedule and plan a Me evening!

The bigger picture
When it comes to taking care of yourself there are a few things that pop up in my mind:

  • dress nicely, don't dress yourself in clothes that will make you feel horrible about yourself. Why wearing that extremely oversized sweater what makes you look like a garbage bag? Wearing a sweater in your size will look way more better. Wearing nice clothes can be just as comfortable! 
  • skincare routine, take time to clean your face, moisturize and maybe a bit of make up if you want to. 
  • haircare, I just started the curly girl method (very interesting for girls that have wavy/curly hair! Find it on Google - info available in many languages!) always have a nice hairdo when you leave the house ;-) 
  • eating, you can't be the full version of yourself if your body has a lack of vitamins and energy. 
  • finances. stressing out over finances isn't what God enjoys, seriously! Have everything sorted out, how much comes in - to the last penny! What goes out - to the last penny! What can you do to pay off debts a bit quicker. Do you have a budget for your groceries?
  • relax time, it is important to have time to do nothing! Completely nothing - well maybe a facial mask - just reading the bible, a book, watching a movie. 
  • friends, what are the friends you are surrounding yourself with. Are they always there to support you? I have a lot of friends who do not go to church but as long as they have a  good influence on my life - nothing giving me rubbish advice on guys/work/life etc. - I love to have them close to me. I also have Christian friends were I can turn to if I need a different type of advice. Make sure that you have friends that will make you the best woman you can be! You don't need friends that will help you to be wasted every weekend, give you rubbish advice etc. Find people that will help you to become a better you. 
  • Quiet time and a relationship with God. Everything starts and ends with God, he knows you inside out and you need Him in your life if you truly care about yourself! 
  • don't take rubbish from people, don't ever let someone talk you down, don't ever accept if someone says that you are not worthy (well you are not worthy of having a cheating boyfriend etc.)! Don't ever let hate come into your life! Don't ever take abuse lightly! Don't ever accept being used as a doormat. Only accept the best! 
  • house, your house is fully worthy of being taken care of. You live there and you deserve a neat and cozy place. 
  • love, love yourself woman! 

Tomorrows blog post will be written at the end of the day with some photos and maybe even testimonies! 

If you are having a hard time taking care of yourself, start again with this marathon! Make a planning to take care of yourself ;-) 

Hope this marathon has helped you to come closer to God, yourself and your man (whether he is your hubby or that he is still unknown). 


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