zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

God make me a wife day 12: Church

Hey Ladies,

*side note this one was supposed to be posted yesterday, sorry for the delay*

Church, I love going to church!
It has become an habit to go to church every Sunday or at least how much as possible (with my roster). I have made this statement that if I say that God is my number One then I always have to show that He is. So when I had a very long (night) flight the day before, a huge delay what caused me to be home just a few hours before church start, when I am feeling tired and want to sleep in, I just say to myself He is more than you, He deserves your time and effort.
I always try to the plan the day a bit when it is my first day off - after five days of continues flying - I know that I will be tired and maybe a bit grumpy as well, so I don't plan a lunch with friends or family visits afterwards. I go straight to home, have a light meal and take a nap. Going to church is more valuable for me than sleeping in. I can sleep when I am old and I can take naps. Church is way more important, because it is my way of showing God that I am willing take action if it comes to showing Him that I love Him. That I love him more than sleeping in, than I love myself etc.

Church is also family, it really feels like coming home after a hard week of working. I find it very important to be part of something that is bigger than me. When I am in church I can spend my time serving Him in a sacred place. I love doing Kids Church or working behind the scenes - doing the things that no one sees but God - I love to devote my time for His work. Being part of something bigger helps me to stay. Sometimes we are so blinded by everything that is 'wrong' in the church and if someone hurts us you might want to leave. But being loyal and spending time on his work, helps me to stay. It helps me to keep my eyes on the prize and also helps me to remind why I am in this church, simply because He told me too.

Find a church that 'fits' you, has the same core values and were you feel at home. It might be time to find a church or to find a different church. God was very clear to me when it comes to churches. I was a volunteer in a church and I did a LOT of things there, I was there almost every single day, was part of kids church, the canteen, I guess every single area. Then one day God said I had to leave as He already left that church a very long time ago. I was absolutely shocked to say the least. My world revolved around the church and not around God. When church wasn't longer my priority (I lost my job around the same time) I had simply no flipping idea what I had to do with my spare time. I barely didn't know how to pray at home (as I was in church almost every single day - I did the mayor of my praying in church) I didn't had a relationship with Him. I was absolutely certain that I was a good christian but quiet time was something that was very much unknown to me.

However God did speak to me so now and then when I was in the desert (how I call my 3 years without a church - He also spoke to me while I was in the church, so I was familiar with his voice) after more than three years He told me to go to church. A few weeks before I spoke with a old classmate and he gave me a few names of churches in my surroundings. I asked God which one and he named one. That is why I am so sure that I need to be in a certain church.

*I am not an evangelist for a specific church, so I don't say names :) *

If you don't feel at home in your church it might be very hard for you to stay loyal or to even show up. Just ask God what He wants you to do!

Do you feel at home in your church? How do you stay loyal?

With love,

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