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God, make me a wife day 8: Inner peace

Hey all,

It is already a week that we are busy now with this marathon and how are you holding up? Do you like it so far? Today's subject is probably the hardest one of all because it is about what is inside us. Time to remove the clutter from our heart and revealing who we really are in Christ.


When it comes to peace I always think about multiple things like: having everything in order, not being worried, being calm, being happy, being in love (with myself and God). It most definitely helps when my house is clean, when I have a day off, when work runs smoothly, when my fridge is full and my friends are happy. I have to admit that doesn't happen to me on a daily basis ;-) so I have a few other things that really help me. 

Getting rid of all pains and old heartbreaks 
  • Forgiving: haven't we all heard about it? I think that there are  many different forms of forgiveness. When it comes to forgiving others that might be very difficult at times. We are hurt and the person might even hurt you on purpose - yes people who do evil things like that do exist - and then it is our job to forgive that person. Injustice and unfair to say at least but Jesus did the same thing for us. We did wrong, He died. Give yourself time to forgive a person, pray a lot for your heart and that person. Especially when you don't feel like it. God knows that your heart is hurting, when you make that step towards Him he will lift that burden of you. Day by day you will experience more and more freedom. Don't imprison yourself in old heartbreak, set yourself free by trowing out the things that are holding you back. How do you know if you are over someone and that you have forgiven that person? Imagine that you meet that person (random, somewhere unexpected) how do you feel? Do you want to attack that person? Do you feel sorry for him/her? Can you keep your head high and walk away from it? When you meet the person who have hurt you and you can simply walk away from it then you know that you have forgiven that person. Yes that might take some time but it is absolutely worth it. Let God soften and heal your heart my precious friend.
    Now that we have talked about forgiven others let us talk about forgiving ourselves. Feeling stupid about a mistake, still struggling about things you did in the past? Girlfriend, God has already forgiven you. He knew way before you entered this earth that you would make those mistakes but He still chose to love you. So why not doing the same? Repent, forgive yourself, love yourself and learn from your mistakes. God loves you way too much to only think about everything you did wrong, He rather concentrates on your future. You should do the same! 
  • Believe for change: God wants us to know that things can change. Your stubborn, harsh father can change to this loving man who will give you a regular phone call. Your husband who doesn't seem interested in you can be transformed. All the jerks you were dating before - well they can change to - but God can change the guys you are dating with. He only wants the very best for you. So do not settle for anything less than the best. Believe that God can do way more than your biggest expectations. 
  • Hope: faith is having hope! Now that you have forgiven people and you believe that things can change, have hope! Keep your hope alive by having faith. Do not worry about things as God is with you and He always working behind the scenes to make sure you can have the best in life. Keep hope my friend don't let it slip. 
“The Lord gives his people strength.  The Lord blesses them with peace.” Psalm 29:11

  • How do you see yourself? It can be so hard to see who you truly are. The impression you have about yourself is also what you will portray for others to see. If you are talking bad about yourself  then that is what you show to others. Pray and ask God to see yourself through His eyes. That will be much different than how you see yourself. If you are treating yourself badly, you will attract people who will treat you badly. Start with yourself, stop treating yourself badly, stop dating that guy that makes you feel miserable, stop calling yourself names or making fun about yourself because you think you are ugly. Change the way you feel about yourself and you will attract different people and when you start dating you will not settle for someone who will treat you bad!
  • Raise your confidence! You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are able to pull that task off. Yes you are! Start focusing on all the things you do great and try to develop the areas where you need development ;-) life can be so simple! There are many websites that can help you to raise you self confidence. 
  • God made you perfect! Yes he absolutely did! You might have some developmental areas, but hey we all have those areas. He wants you to read this, because you are amazing, beautiful, creative and so much more. He made you, He placed you here on earth and you are right were you need to be! If you want some inspirational bible verses I have found this great blog post
How to enjoy being you
  • Do what you like. Yeah! Find that job that suits you, wear that dress if you want to, live in the house you want o. This is your life and you need to make it as enjoyable as possible. Even when you are living with your spouse, you are here to live your life. You might even be surprised with what he says if you tell him you want to have different job or want to go back to school. Live your life to the maximum, yes together with God off course otherwise your maximum will be extremely superficial! 
  • Dress up! I enjoy my life a bit more than normal when I dress up, when I then look into the mirror I see a young lady who takes care of herself and the image is just a bit prettier than when I walk around in my PJ.  That's why it is important to take a Spa Moment so now and then! Take care of yourself to feel better about yourself! 
  • Find moments of peace. Like having a cup of tea with a good book or your favorite movie. Spending time in Gods presence always works! Having a clean kitchen, buying a new dress, applying a facial mask etc. You can find peace in so many ways. What works for you? 
This blog post is very different than what we have talked about the last few days. I do hope that finding inner peace will be a bit easier now that we discussed, taking a Spa Moment, cooking but also cleaning out your wardrobe and cleaning your house. When you trow stuff away (like old clothes) you also create more space in your life to fill up with fun new stuff. It is also easier to go into a process of forgiving someone and trowing old heartache out. 

I am very curious on how you are doing with this marathon! Do you like it? Is it challenging? Do you like the subjects etc. 

Find your inner peace!


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