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God, Make me a wife day 7: Cooking

Hey Ladies,

Sorry for the delay! I have been blessed so much today that I was almost running out of time to complete this blog post before midnight ;)
My sweet friend Iraida and I had an appointment to style a photo shoot (Iraida the make up artist - moi doing jewelry) we had a lot of fun and after that Iraida helped me cleaning my house. She is absolutely blessed with the gift of housewife/cleaning, my place is now sparkling clean!
Yeah, Thank you Iraida (and God to let me have a friend like her!)

But back to our marathon, I am already feeling such a huge shift in my thinking pattern. How are you doing ladies? Today we are handling the subject Cooking. Which makes me think of a different friend, who told me about her lasagna this morning haha no names, no details! There are so many differences between cultures and countries when it comes to cooking. But I absolutely believe that we can change the whole meaning of it when we seek God in the midst of it.

What...? Yeah! Finding God in the midst of cooking.
He is in everything we do, but He also asks us to do everything the very best we can. So let's see what that means when we are talking about cooking.

  • We can decide what we are going to have for breakfast, lunch etc. there is no one who will bring junk food to our lives unless we are going to get it. Making the choice to always have the best and do the best for your body, will give a complete new view on this matter. Do you drink a lot of soda, eat a lot of sugar or what about skipping meals? Don't you know that this body that you have belongs to God, He only gave it to us for us to use it for his glorious work here in earth. Have a piece of chocolate so now and then, feel free to have a pepsi so now and then, feel free to go to the 'big yellow M' so now and then. There is absolutely nothing wrong with now and then, as long you are trying to have a healthy lifestyle with regular meals, enough veggies and fruit.  
  • When you are having a husband and/or kids and you are the main meal provider, what do you give to them? Do you treat them as God wants you to do? Are you serving them healthy meals which will provide to them all the energy they need for all their activities? Will you make God proud with the food you are serving them or are you lacking on this matter? Serve them like you would serve Jesus... every single day! 
I know that life can be busy, but your family needs you and if you are single, you need yourself! If it is only the Mister and you in a household and if you are doing all the cooking, let your meals revolve around your husband, it will please the Lord. -Thank you Holy Spirit, I didn't know this either! - If he is really anti - tomatoes, then leave the red thingies of his plate, you are not his mother to make him eat certain things! If he is a picky eater, find some ingredients that he likes and be creative with them. Make sure that what goes into your Mister Hubby is healthy, nutritious and pure.
And Miss if you are single guess what. don't think that you can skip meals just because no one is watching ;-) God wants to see that you can take care of yourself, because if you can not take of yourself how do you ever want to take care of a husband? Eat your veggies and make time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I absolutely love cooking, but I know that there are a lot of women who don't like to cook. So I would like to share some very easy but healthy recipes. 

Dessert Best of both worlds
Chocolate 150 gr. - chopped
How to:
Melt the chocolate in the microwave or with the au-bain-marie method, give it a good stir so now and then. When it is completely melted, dip the strawberries in the chocolate (2/3 of the strawberry - holding on to the green leaves) place them on a roster, let cool in the refrigerator) 

Wedges Potato variants
Potatoes (2/3 medium size - per person)
Olive oil
1 clove Garlic 
How to:
Pre heat the oven (200 degrees) Wash the potatoes and cut them in equal pieces (wedges, cubes etc), wash them again and dry them with some paper towels. Place them in a baking dish, pour some olive oil on the potatoes (a tablespoon per person). Cut the garlic in 2 or 3 slices and mix them with the potatoes. Now the fun part can begin, time for seasoning! You can use a mixture of salt/paprika powder/ chili powder and pepper (add the paprika powder after 20 minutes of baking) or try salt/pepper/parsley (add the parsley after 30 minutes of baking). The potatoes need 45 minutes in the oven (when you have really larges chunks that might be longer!) some herbs and spices will burn in the oven. You can add them later in the baking proces as you need to mix the potatoes every 15 minutes or so.
Great with a salad! 

Not gonna post a lot of recipes :-p because we have Google!
Start small and enjoy it.

With love,

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