donderdag 24 september 2015

God, make me a wife day 4: House decoration


Do you like the marathon so far? Today we have a fun topic - well everyday we have a fun topic - but this is a bit different than the others. We are going to talk about house decoration.

I am not the best when it comes to making your house a cozy place but over the years I have tried some things and now I am getting the hang of it. Using internet was very helpful and as long you don't make permanent changes (like taking down a wall) you can always go back to how it was before.

Some pictures to inspire you!

1. Bedroom

2. Living room

3. Beach house

4. Living room

5. Living room

Turn your house into a home
Imagine you had a long day at work and you would walk into a room like one of the above. They all that 'home' feeling to it. Turning your house into a home by making it you. Your favorite colors, pictures, a blanket on the sofa, a fresh bouquet of flowers etc. Sometimes I say to myself: make it a place where your husband wants to come home to - yup saying that as well when it comes to household chores. Changing the way we think about certain things will help us to feel different about it as well. Lid some candles, buy that bouquet of flowers, having some cookies baking in the oven. I can almost smell and feel it, that smell of being home! A place where you are safe, where you can be you! Wouldn't it be great, your husband walks into the house after having a rough day at work, you just finished dinner and you walk towards the front door to give him a kiss and a hug, he looks into your eyes and says: I just wanted to go home, to be with you because here I can relax - or something else nice - might sound a bit like a hollywood movie but there is nothing God can not do! He can give you this husband (or change your husband ;)), he can give you the ability to turn your house into a home! I am well aware that most days things are hectic and that we are consumed by work and obligations. But we need to keep in mind that we need to create this safe haven for our (future) husband and kids! 

How to decorate your house
  • Budget: there are possibilities for every budget. Decide how much you can spend on decorations. Candles and pillows aren't that expensive and make a lot of difference. Have a look on Pinterest and create your own board full with decorations ideas! Secondhand shops and thrift shops have great stuff for small prices. 
  • Time: how much time do you have to spend? If you only have one Saterday afternoon you won't be able to paint all the walls in your house, when you are having a week off you can achieve more than only buying pillows. 
  • Plan: know what you want and how you are going to achieve this. Make a mood board, collect samples, choose your colors etc.
  • Have a look at photo 5, you can see a lot of accessories but there is also a balance. Personally I think they hid the focal point of the room - the fire place - what do you think? Focus on the focal point and find a balance. Do you notice that everything has the same color (bright green, white, beige or brown). If you stick to a few colors, you will bring balance and peace to your home. 
  • Have a look at photo 2, there seems to be a theme for the room. The chair on the left looks a bit retro, while the coffee tables look like they are straight out a beach house. Still it seems to match! The pillows on the couch are from the same fabric, the mirror on the wall and the furniture have the same 'feel' to it. Do you agree with me that there was a plan for this room when they decorated it? 
  • Now photo 3, your house might be a mix and match of furniture, mine was for a very long time. Nothing wrong with that, it is the feel that you get when you walk into a room. The side table was painted pink to match the opposite wall, the main colors are very soft and although it is a mix and match of furniture it all fits together. Maybe you can achieve the same feeling by giving your furniture a fresh coat of paint or placing them somewhere else in the room. 
  • Photo 4... Photo's! Give your precious moments a place to shine. Be creative and make a nice collection of picture frames, on photo 4 you can see that the furniture and the frames have the same color, the wall is painted in a different color. Follow this example or do it the other way around! You can also find some inspiration on photo 1.
  • Photo 1, please do not forget your bedroom, the place where the magic and/or sleeping happens. Make your bed every morning, the bed is mostly the eye catcher so have some nice bed linen and clean the clutter from your side table. Hang a painting, have some candles and maybe even some new curtains and it will give your room a new feel. 
I don't suggest that you have to redecorate your house but if you want to give your house a new feel, this might be the sign you where waiting for. Share your thoughts and ideas on this, oh and if you know me in person and if you want some help. Just let me know I love decorating! 
What do you in your house to make it a home?

A big hug for all of you ladies. 


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