woensdag 23 september 2015

God, make me a wife day 3: quiet time

Lovely ladies!

How are you today? I pray you are doing awesome. I am so thrilled to see the participants number rise, we are in this together ladies ;) no matter if you are single or married (or something in between). God is working amongst us and He is so in this marathon, to bless all of us. Please keep on praying for one another and invite your friends to join you in this marathon.

Day 3 already and we are going to talk about quiet time.

Your friendship/quality time with Jesus and God
Jesus called us 'friends' and I would like to make the statement that we have a friend in Christ. If you are spending time with a friend on the phone you will strengthen your friendship. You can go to the movies together, you can do a lot of things together! But what really sets the tone for your friendship is the fact wether you can be still together. What if both of you aren't speaking to one another but you are together in the same room? Will it feel awkward or will you feel so comfortable that it brings you relaxation? It is the same when you are spending quality time with God. The moment you set everything aside and you commit yourself to Him. When we are doing this He will also be able to speak to you and He will be able to reveal more of Him inside of you.

*Sidenote quiet time is more than prayer, you can pray everywhere ;) I learned myself to pray while I cook, drive or do the laundry. We as women can do multiple things at one so why not asking God to join you while you cook?

Make it a priority
Show God that He is your priority! All the single ladies, now is the time to spend as much time as you can in his presence. There will be a time that you will be consumed by diapers, a demanding husband, crying babies etc. Make the most of it now that you have the possibility. Also when we show God that we are (at least trying) to be faithful by giving Him a portion of our day, He will be faithful and give us all the guidance that we need. God needs to be the priority in our life, because your life started with Him and it will end with Him. There is nothing in between, it wasn't your husband, Facebook or chocolate who started your life. It was God, because He so loved you. By His grace we are now able to spend time together with Him.

How to?
  1. Place it is very important that you have a special place where you can meet Him. It might be the bedroom or maybe you have a spare room which you can turn into your 'quiet time room'. It doesn't matter where it is as long as it is peaceful and guess what quiet (or almost quiet). If you are travelling a lot, find something that works for you, maybe on the floor next to the bed or so.
  2. Have a plan/time spending time with Him is absolutely amazing. But before your dive into it, it might be helpful to have a plan. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to know more about the bible? Do you want to pray and train yourself to hear his voice? So many possibilities. You can start with 10 minutes a day for example in the morning. 2 minutes devoted to prayer, 3 minutes of being quiet, 2 minutes to praise Him and 3 minutes with journal. There is so much you can do! Reading the bible, memorizing a bible verse, praying, a journal, a bible study, singing, meditating on His promises.
  3. Pray open your quiet time with prayer. Ask Him to enter in and to clear your mind, that your heart may be still so you can hear Him speak. Tell the Lord that He is welcome and that you are willing to listen.
  4. Just shut up seriously! Just shut up! Just be quiet my precious lady friend. It is really hard to listen to someone if you are the one who is talking. If you want to hear from God it is important that you just calm all of your thoughts and that you keep your mouth shut. Let God do the talking.
  5. Journal You might want to keep a journal or a notebook next to you when you are having your quiet time. You can write down all that God said to you, all the revelations. So much easier to write everything down instead of remembering everything.
Helps you to grow discipline
Discipline allthough it looks like the word disciple, sometimes I feel like that the word discipline is a curse word. Gosh it can be so hard to be disciplined! But if you are fully committed to implement quiet time into your routine. It will get easier day by day, at first it may feel like a sacrifice but the longer you are doing this, it will eventually become a habit. Soon it will be something you can not live without anymore.

Make this promise to spend silent time with God everyday!

Tomorrow we are going to talk about house decorations!


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