zondag 20 september 2015

God, make me a wife 14 day marathon intro

My precious lady friend,

I am absolutely honored and touched by the fact that you are reading this. My prayers go out to you my friend, I hope that this marathon will change your life, heart and relationship with God. Just a quick introduction, my name is Mieke and now 29 years of age. I have always had a big heart to help women all around the world through writing. I just love writing! My friend Julee will also covering some of the subjects!

We have started an event on Facebook feel free to join us. Or organize your own by inviting your friends and creating an event on FB, spread the word!

Let me start with a short explanation why I wanted to do this. As a single woman I am constantly praying for a husband, asking God to make me a wife etc. I think that all the single ladies can relate to those kind of prayers and maybe the married ones as well ;) But just a couple of weeks ago I was reading this blog post were the writer asked: what are you doing to make yourself a wife.
I have to say that is a very good question!
Sometimes we are still dating guys who don't have husband potential, spending more time on things that don't matter instead of spending time with God or we act out of hurt. That's why I want to dare you to spend the coming 14 days in God his presence, as I believe He is in this challenge!

Although the title may suggest that this marathon is for single ladies I want this to be for women in all kind of different situations. No matter if you are married, single, dating or engaged I truly believe that God has something for you! We cover all kind of subjects from cooking to clothing and from church to family. So just put on your spiritual dancing shoes and join!

Here is our schedule:
Day 1: Household chores
Day 2: Work/Job/Business
Day 3: Quiet time
Day 4: House decorations
Day 5: Clothing and Beauty
Day 6: Spa moment
Day 7: Cooking
Day 8: Inner peace
Day 9: People in need
Day 10: Family
Day 11: Husband
Day 12: Church
Day 13: Taking care of yourself
Day 14: Hospitality (including Lunch and Clothing + Beauty products trade party)

In 14 days we cover multiple subjects and some of them are very practical while others are more about inner maintenance. Looking forward to hear your stories about how God has touched you.

Day 13 will be amazing as we are going to have lunch together! Will tell you more about this the coming days.

Big hugs and kisses for all of you!

Xoxo Julee & Mieke

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  1. God bless you both in this challenge. I pray that He will use your mind and the Holy Spirit to touch other woman. Bless you!! Sisters in faith.